Volume 5, Issue 2
Benson Primary School's Second Grade Newspaper
 March 2003
Page Two
March 2003, Volume 5, Issue 2

      by Alexa V.

      My cousins have a really cool Playstation game. It is called Tarzan. Tarzan is full of adventure. Tarzan swings on vines, surfs on broken logs, climbs vines, jumps on mushrooms, saves baby gorillas, fights animals, hangs on monkey bars, crawls on the ground, and runs from bad guys. There are about 20 levels. The levels get harder and harder the more levels you play. This is a fun game to play on Playstation 2.

      by Katie C.

      1. What shape is Sponge
      2. What kind of animal is
      3. Who is Sponge Bob’s
      best friend?
      4. Where does Sponge
      Bob work?
      5. What does Mr. Krabs
      love more than anything?
      6. What is his pet’s name?
      7. Why does Sandy wear a

      (Read the entire newspaper
      to find the answers to these
      trivia questions!)

    by Chris G.

    My name is Christopher, and I chose to interview Mrs. Reuter because she was my 2nd grade teacher before she went to the Media Center. I know some things about her, but I wanted you to know about her too!

    I asked Mrs. Reuter if she has any pets. She said that she has three Bengal cats, and their names are Jax, Boomer, and Rudy. I asked her what her favorite food is, and she said seafood and pasta. Then we started talking about her favorite hobbies, which are singing, acting, and taking photographs. I also asked what her favorite holiday is. She said Christmas Day, not because of the presents, but because of family getting together and Jesus’ birth. Also, she likes New Year’s Eve because she has a HUGE party at her house with 100 of her closest friends and family.

    Then we started talking about what her favorite grade was when she was little. She said she had two: 2nd grade because Mrs. Crook cast her in her first play, and 5th grade because Mr. Manion was her first man teacher. He threw sourball candy at the class when they got a correct answer. I also asked her what her ALL TIME favorite children’s book is. She said, Where the Wild Things Are because it was the first book she remembered checking out of the library. I asked her why she decided to start teaching. She told me the short version was everyone told her that she should be a teacher. So she did the opposite. After being in the business world for ten years, the “calling” to be a teacher was too strong to ignore. So that’s when she started teaching.

    by Kellie S.

    On vacation I went to three hotels. We went with our friends Janelle, Robbie, and Ashley. My brother Mark and my sister Nicole went also. Mark and Robbie were crazy, hitting and punching each other. In the last hotel we shared the same hotel room. When we got to our hotel we were running into each other’s rooms because they were connected. The hotels were called The Beach and Yacht Club, The Grand Floridian, and the third hotel was Disney’s Vero Beach. At the Grand Floridian there was a funny maid. She gave us chocolate. She put Buzz Lightyear holding the remote control and she made a towel dog, duck, and bunny. It was fun staying at three different hotels.

    by Marie P.

    I interviewed my grandpa about second grade at Alexander Graham Bell School in Chicago in 1939 and found out a lot of information.

    Q: How many kids were in your second grade class?
    A: 25 students

    Q: Did you have recess? What did you play at recess?
    A: Yes. I played Red Rover, Red Rover.

    Q: How was your school different than Benson?
    A: Half of the school was for hearing impaired children.

    Q: Did you ever get in trouble?
    A: No.

    Q: What did you do in gym?
    A: rope climbing, chin-ups, and kickball, no soccer

    Q: Did you get to take field trips?
    A: Yes, Brookfield Zoo and a picnic in the forest preserve.

    Q: What did you wear to school?
    A: knickers, shirt and a tie

    Q: Were you ever in the school newspaper?
    A: Yes. I wrote jokes.

    SEPTEMBER 11, 2001
    by Patrick D.

    Tuesday, September 11, 2001 in the morning a plane crashed. It crashed into one of the two towers of the World Trade Center. The people turned on the T.V. They thought the pilot of the plane hit the building by mistake. A short while later, another airplane hit the other tower. When the second hit happened, the United States realized some group or groups were trying to hurt and scare us. The name of the people who do this are called terrorists. Then a third plane crashed into the Pentagon in Washington, D.C. A fourth plane was headed to Washington, D.C., but the people on the plane were able to stop the terrorists. The plane ended up crashing in a field in Pennsylvania. People from all over the country and the world wanted to help the people in New York and Washington, D.C. People all over the country became patriotic. Firefighters and policemen went to New York City. Children and parents helped collect money. Many homes and businesses put up a flag. It was a sad day, but United We Stand.

    by Vicki P.

    Over Christmas break I went to Hawaii. Hawaii is a lot of fun. I went there for twelve days. I went with my mom, dad, Joey, and Alex. I went snorkeling at Hanauma Bay. I saw a lot of different fish. I also walked up Diamond Head. Diamond Head is an extinct volcano. My brother and I took surfing lessons. I
    also took a canoe ride and went to a luau. On New Year’s Eve there were fireworks. We had an ocean view room with a big balcony. I’d love to go again.


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