Volume 5, Issue 2
Benson Primary School's Second Grade Newspaper
 March 2003
Page Four
March 2003, Volume 5, Issue 2

      by Franco R.

      Today I interviewed my Uncle Nick Masso. He is a singer and a composer.

      Q: Uncle Nick, when did you first compose a song?
      A: I composed my first song when I was 14 years old.

      Q: When did you record your first CD?
      A: I recorded my first CD in 1999.

      Q: What would you rather do: compose or sing?
      A: compose

      Q: What do you feel when you are in front of an audience?
      A: I feel very good.

      I admire my Uncle Nick. I hope when I grow up I can be like him.

      by Marco R.

      I love video games. I got Playstation when I was 4 years old, and I have lots and lots of games. After I heard that Playstation 2 was coming out, I asked my parents if I could get it. It was the number one thing I wanted last Christmas-but I didn’t get it. This year it was number one on my Christmas list again, and my parents finally decided to buy it for me! I got a couple of games for Christmas, but I knew I wanted more games. One of our friends gave me a Best Buy gift card-so I definitely knew what I wanted to buy with it.

      I bought ATV Off Road Fury 2. The price of the game was $39.99, and it is rated {e} for everyone. It is a game where you control a quad bike. You can pick your driver, your quad, and where you drive it. You can also pick if you want to race or do freestyle. One or two players can play the game and up to four players can play with a multi-tap connector. You can do awesome tricks. You can do a nac-nac, a no-footed can can, a boogie night, a shaolin, a scorpion, a cliff hanger, an Indian air, a one-handed Indian air, a bar hop, a cat nac, and lots more cool tricks. You score different amounts of points for each trick that you land.

      This game is very fun to play and very challenging to do the tricks!

      by Kara C.

      I have a gerbil named Nibbles. We bought her on November 15th. Nibbles is a Mongolian Gerbil with white, brown, and black fur, and very long whiskers. She is cute and cuddly and fun to hold. Nibbles likes to run on a wheel in her cage, and when she runs very fast she flips out. That makes me laugh! We sometimes put her in an exercise ball, and she rolls all around the house. She likes to climb in tubes and climb on the bars in her cage. She likes to sleep in a small, high compartment. She chews on paper towel rolls to make her nest. Nibbles chews on anything she can, even my shirt when I hold her! She eats sunflower seeds, corn, and she really likes to eat Wheaties and Cheerios for a treat. I clean her cage every week and give her fresh food and water. I love my pet gerbil!

      by Will T.

      I have a game called D.B.Z. Budokai.
      D.B.Z. Budokai is for Playstation 2.
      Budokai is the name of a Japanese
      tournament. Budokai is an action
      game. There are 23 characters (guys).
      Some of their names are Goku, Gohan,
      Picclo, Cell, and #16. He’s an android.
      My favorite guy is Cell, because he is
      strong and he has three forms. These
      forms are puny (weak), big (strong), and
      medium (strongest). You start out with
      five guys, and you have to unlock 18 of
      the characters in order to get halfway
      through the game. There are three levels:
      novice, adept, and advanced. You should
      try DBZ Budokai because it is challenging
      and fun. Other games I like to play are RISK,
      Simpsons Chess, and Rollercoaster Tycoon.

      by Samantha L.

      Do you like being a reading teacher or being a teacher?

      What is your favorite color?

      What is your favorite name?

      What is your favorite food?
      egg rolls

      Where is your favorite place?

      What is your favorite sport?

    by Patrick W.

    YU-GI-OH began in Japan as a comic. Now you can see it in the United States on T.V. YU-GI-OH is an interactive T.V. card game. That means you can play along.

    Since the T.V. show became popular, cards were made. The YU-GI-OH trading card game is awesome. You can buy starter decks and that is all you need to begin toplay. There are two types of starter decks: Yugi and Kaiba. The starter decks have 50 cards, 1 game mat and a rule book. You can build a deck by collecting booster packs.

    The object of the game is to win a match against your opponent. A single match consists of 3 duels. The player who wins 2 duels is the winner, and 1 win and 2 draws is also a winner. If any time during your duel you have any forbidden cards or Exodia, you instantly win.

    There are 3 types of card monsters: Magic and Trap Cards. I really like the collecting of the cards. Some cards are absolutely cool, like Blue Eyes White Dragon, Red Eyes, Dark Magician, Summon Skull, Pot of Greed, Monster Reborn, Dark Hole, and Change of Heart. This is a cool game and I hope I explained a part of it for you. Happy dueling!

    by Lauren L.

    “Princess Diaries” is a story about a young, shy, unpopular high school girl that finds out she is a princess of a country called Genovia. The girls name is Mia (Amelia), and she finds out she is a princess when her grandmother comes to visit her and tells her that she is probably going to be a princess and take over Genovia one day.
    Her friend Lilly is excited when she finds out she is a princess, but then she gets mad and jealous because everyone wants to be Mia's friend now. Mia tries to m ake it up to her by telling her she can go with her to the annual Genovia Independence Ball.
    Before the ball she goes to a beach party and ends up meeting the boy that she has had a crush on since the fourth grade. A helicopter comes to the beach party and tries to get a story about the new princess. The boy she has a crush on takes her to a beach shed to hide. They step out of the shed and people pop off of the roof and surprise them. Mia does not like the idea of being a princess and does not want to be a princess any more. Her real friends, Lilly and her brother, help her in her decision, but she makes the final decision for herself. The movie is my favorite movie and it is the best movie I have ever seen. I think everyone would enjoy it.


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