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SURPRISE SHAPES (accessed 09/2013)
Match the correct geometric shapes and color to win this interactive game.
Number Nut: In Shape Name Memory Challenge you match the shape with its name. In Three-Dimensional Shape Quiz, you must answer the quiz question by clicking on the correct color and shape.

LIONS LIKES PATTERNS (accessed 09/2013)
Pattern Builder Game: This game allows children to listen to the pattern sounds and then create the same pattern using the keyboard. http://www.hbschool.com/activity/pattern/pattern.html
This is an interactive game using silly images in a pattern and the children have to find the matching pattern that repeats.
Take a look at the pattern the spaceship leaves behind and place the appropriate moon rock on the question mark to complete the pattern.

Kids can watch movies about the various environments and the animals that live there, test what they learned through games, build their own animal environment or go through audio and animated animal flashcards.

FALL (accessed 09/2013)
Urban Extension Fall: Great links to animation explaining why leaves change color
Autumn Activities for Kids: Great crafts, book lists, coloring pages, poetry relating to fall.
Child Fun Autumn Crafts:  All crafts involving Autumn or leaves.

IT ONLY TAKES A MINUTE (accessed 09/2013)
What Time is it?: Look at the analog clock and find the correct time on the digital clock!
The Right Time Game: Look at the analog clock and write the correct time in the space provided.

Pick the digital clock that tells the same time as the apple analog clock http://www.apples4theteacher.com/clocks.html

BABY ANIMALS (accessed 09/2013)
Animal Babies Word Search http://www.apples4theteacher.com/word-finds/animal-babies.html
Baby Animal Names: Find out the names for baby, adult, and groups of animals by looking at the table.  The scroll down to the bottom to play or print out some fun activities!
Kids will complete the simple maze game through which they will learn the names of different animals, their babies and their homes and lead the animal babies through the maze to reach their mothers and learn more about them.

COUNTING SHELLS (accessed 09/2013)
Shell Party: Welcome to the shell party! Here you will find everything to do with shells from peanut shells to sea shells.

DR. SEUSS (accessed 09/2013)
Welcome to Seussville!
Dr. Seuss Activities: Ideas of different activities to do with many different Dr. Seuss books.
Dr. Seuss Recipies: Fun recipes to make to go with your favorite Dr. Seuss books.

MY FIVE SENSES (accessed 09/2013) 
Brain Pop for Senses
Colorful flashcards of the 5 senses with your choice of Arial or D'Nealian lettering.
PBS Kids Zoom Science Experiments:  There are a ton of fun Science Experiments on this site.  Scroll down to “The Five Senses: Sense It!” to try different activities and experiments dealing with the 5 senses.  Good ones to try are: “Taste v. Smell” and “Penny Cup Game”.

A HOUSE IS A HOUSE (accessed 09/2013)
Enchanted Learning Homes and Dwellings: Many crafts, activities, and books to make about different types of houses.
Arthur Story Map: An activity to concentrate on the different parts of a story, including the setting.

TO THE STORE (accessed 09/2013)
Change Maker has you figuring out the correct change when you pay. It’s a challenge!
U.S. Mint for Kids: Lots of fun games involving coins and money.

SIGNS, SIGNS EVERYWHERE (accessed 09/2013)
Enchanted Learning Signs:  A workbook matching page for matching signs’ colors, shapes, and meanings.
Environmental Print Cards:  Printable cards and activities for children to use with the environmental print cards.
Environmental Print Bingo:  An easy to make bingo game that incorporates any signs or environmental print that you may have access to.

MY BOOK OF SEASONS (accessed 09/2013)
Enchanted Learning Season Changes: brief description and fun season changing activities
Kindergarten weather & seasons activities to help show your child the fun side of learning. From easy kindergarten weather & seasons activities to more advanced.

SURPRISE 2 (accessed 09/2013) 
Clifford the Big Red Dog Sound Game:  Listen and learn! Students identify sounds in this interactive sound match game.
More information for teaching children about onset and rime which help them recognize common chunks within words. This website gives different strategies to help teach onset and rime as well as specific books to use with the strategies.

COLORFUL WORDS (accessed 09/2013) 
Pop! Pop! Pop! Memorize dozens of the most common sight words. Try to get promoted to Manager of the Theater! http://www.fun4thebrain.com/English/popcornWords.html

Dear Parent,

Enjoy the links below to enhance your Star Reader experience.  As with all Internet activity,  you should work through these activities WITH your child to share and monitor access to the information and activities. 

WINTER (accessed 09/2013) 
Build a Snowman
Frosty Readers Activity Page http://www.northcanton.sparcc.org/~ptk1nc/frosty2001/activities.htm
Winter Games and Activities http://www.squiglysplayhouse.com/Holidays/Winter.html
Winter Activities- Book list, background information, word search, crafts, snowflake factory, and much more!

HUMAN BODY RIDDLES (accessed 09/2013)
Parts of the body crossword puzzle
Human Body Games- Word search, riddles, and memory game
Learn about the different parts of our body through an animated and interactive lesson.

NEED AND WANTS (Accessed 09/2013)
Brain Pop Jr.: Videos, lessons, and activities based on the difference between needs and wants. 

HOW MANY? (accessed 09/2013)
Primary Games.com has any math activities for a variety of mathematical expertise!

CITY PLACES (accessed 09/2013)
PBS Kids/Mister Rogers Build a Neighborhood:  Children can build a real or make believe neighborhood on this interactive site. http://pbskids.org/rogers/R_house/build.htm#hold
Facts about Itasca:  This site could be used to help complete the Star Reader Assignment about the city you live in, Itasca.

HUGS (accessed 09/2013)
Silent Letters Introduction: Games, quizzes, worksheets, and a fact sheet about the different silent letters in words.
Silent Letter Word Flash Cards:  Printable flash cards of words that contain silent letters.

TIME FOR BED (accessed 09/2013)
Sequencing Challenges: A few printables for picture sequencing.  Children can out the pictures in order by either cutting out the pictures or number ordering them.  Directions included.

A CLOWN FACE (accessed 09/2013)
Binky’s Story Scramble:  Put the Arthur story in order based on the pictures and words from the story.

Addition Number Sentences: Children pick the correct representation of the addition number sentences shown by puzzle pieces.

SPRING BREAK (accessed 09/2013)
Let’s go fly a kite!
Spring Activities for Kids: Coloring pages, crafts, memory games, thematic book lists, and much more!

WHERE IS CUB? (accessed 09/2013)
Enchanted Learning Rhyming Words Activities: Lots of different activities and printables about rhyming words.
Reggie Loves to Rhyme:  A Scholastic rhyming online game for matching different rhyming words.

INSECT RESEARCH  (accessed 09/2013)
Scholastic Research Tools- Bugs and Insects: Look at different articles about different types of insects.
Enchanted Learning Printouts: Mini books, printouts, sequencing cards, and crafts all having to do with different types of insects.

BEAR AND KANGAROO (accessed 09/2013)
I Can Read!: A Variety of games and activities to get children excited about reading.
Word Detectives:  An easy to make game to play with your child to help them with reading and practicing the alphabet.

LIFE CYCLE OF A BUTTERFLY  (accessed 09/2013)
Monarch Butterfly U.S.A.: Tons of information and pictures of the monarch butterfly life cycle, plus answers to many questions about butterflies.
Enchanted Learning Butterflies:  Lots of activities, crafts, quizzes, and information about butterflies, moths, and caterpillars.
Billy Bear 4 Kids Butterflies: Printable activities, online games, craft ideas and much more.

COUNTING INSECTS (accessed 09/2013)
Printable Word Searches:  TONS of different printable word searches ranging in difficulty. 
Printable Crossword Puzzles:  Some printable crossword puzzles that may be more of a challenge than a word search! 

http://childparenting.about.com/od/elementaryreadin1/a/sightwords.htmCOLORFUL WORDS (accessed 09/2013)
Readaquarium Sight Word Games:
Sight Word Printables:

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